How To Add Spin To Win Option In WordPress Website? Read These ways

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Are you looking to add spin-to-win functionality to your WordPress site or online store?

The spin-to-win feature adds gamification to custom wordpress development company your registration form. You can use it to participate in discounts, special offers, and tips as a price. This type of opt-in is proven to increase engagement and offers.

There are different styles, the purpose of which is to attract more subscribers. The more your custom wordpress development company contributes active and enticing website content, the more business and conversions you will get. it will also convert regular users into guests and increase the likelihood of offers on the online platform. 

And in this big challenge, you can use the spinning bus. So, to know how to add a spinning tire to a WordPress point, you need to read this composition till the end.

In this article, we’ll show you how to add a win spin option to your WordPress site or Woo Commerce store.

What is Spin-to-Win Optin?

Spin-to-win options are registration forms or cardboard wheels that add gamification to your WordPress website.

Play Your medicines to win discounts, unlock special offers, or access post-game downloads.

Case studies show that gamified options achieve conversion rates of 30 or more. The reason for this is relatively simple. This gamified optician is fun and interactive and constantly wordpress plugin development services attract the attention of doctors. 

With prices and tickets, you also encourage users to finish the game that started using the price received, such as buying, buying, using the law of reduction.

also, you can use the spin-to-win option to offer impulses like free shipping and bundle offers to save online and increase conversion. However, let’s see how you can add win rotation options to WordPress and WooCommerce.

Adding Spin-to-Win Optin to WordPress

A great way to add gamification to your website is to use OptinMonster. This is the great new generation software that you have been waiting for. With Optin Monster, you can custom wordpress website design grow your mailing list, get more leads, and convert website subscribers into paying guests. The drag-and-drop crusade builder makes it very easy to generate spin options in the win of your hand and set important mapping rules.

First, you need to visit the Optin Monster website and click the “Get Optin Monster Now” button to sign up for an account. To make a wheel that spins to the win of your hand, you will need a plan of “Growth” to pierce the pointy cardboard giants of the Wheel.

After that, you need to install and download the free Optin Monster plugin to your WordPress site. The plugin connects your WordPress site with the Optin Monster plugin. 

Once activated, you will see the Optin Monster welcome screen. Just click the “Connect your account” button. Next, a pop-up window will appear where you can custom wordpress web design and connect your WordPress site to your Optin Monster account. Go ahead and click the “Connect to WordPress” button.

After connecting OptinMonster to your outlet, you can also connect it to your WooCommerce account. To do this, you can go to OptinMonster» Settings from your WordPress dashboard.

On the General tab, scroll down to the WooCommerce section and click the Auto-Generate Keys wordpress development services Connect WooCommerce button. WooCommerce will now automatically generate a key and connect it to your OptinMonster account. After connecting WordPress and WooCommerce to your OptinMonster account, you need to create a new crusade.

First, go to OptinMonster” juggernauts from your WordPress dashboard and also click the “run your first crusade” button. Next, you need to select the type of crusade and the template for the rotation option to win. For the Crusade Type, select the Gamification option. 

After that, you can choose a crusade template. OptinMonster offers many templates to choose from. Just hang one and click the “Use Template” button.

Once you’ve chosen your crusade, you’ll be prompted to give your template a name. Just enter a name and click the “Start Build” button. After that, you will see the OptinMonster crusade builder interface. You custom wordpress development company can drag various blocks from the menu on the left into the template, such as buttons, videos, intro timers, etc.

OptinMonster also allows you to change the crusade design, tutorial color, font, spacing, and more. You can simply point and click on any element in the template to change its appearance.

Next, click on the circle element in the template to see more options. For little ones, you can change the wordpress web development services’ detail and color of the wheel. 

From there you can click the Adjust Wheel Sections button to change the value for each wheel section on the box. A popup will now open with all the sections of your gamification wheel.

This popup allows you to add Canon cardboard and special offers to your steering wheel. You can choose whether each option has a chance to win. When the option is disabled or enabled, the probability of the win tree will be calculated automatically.


We hope you enjoy this blog. These custom wordpress development company are the ways to add spin-to-win options in the wordpress website. If you seeking web development services, and want to add spin-to-win options and create a wordpress site then contact 8therate.



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